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    Yet another FPS-based game style

    Timothy T
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    Yet another FPS-based game style Empty Yet another FPS-based game style

    Post  Timothy T on Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:27 pm

    We've tried this one before back in the good ol' days.

    In the computer game Alien VS Predator 2 their is a gameplay style called survivor. It's similar to a zombie type game except everyone has guns.

    Everyone is on the same team except one (or two) people. The 'survivors' only have one life. the hunters have infinite lives. In order to respawn the hunters must touch any part of the field's boundryline.

    When a survivor dies (even at the hands of their own team) they become a hunter.

    Because there are no markers or anything to determine your status you must be 100% honest when asked if you are a hunter. You must also answer quickly and not waste time so as to better attack the survivors (we could get rid of that rule if people wanted to, but then the survivors wouldn't need to hunted, they'd kill themselves off).

    Also, at the start of the game everyone has to scatter. You are allowed to do what ever you want from then on.

    Its a great gameplay style, the hunted have the inital challange of attacking a group with larger numbers, and the earliest they attack the better chance they have of attacking a lone person.

    The survivors have the challange of forming groups so as to better defend themselves.

    And the winner is the last man left standing.

    When we did this at Elle's it turned out to be a pretty short game. I think the VC trail would be the best place for this game.

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