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    Comparision of different years issue DPM


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    Comparision of different years issue DPM

    Post  Elle_Brock on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:58 am

    Right well this is the comparison of the different years of NZ army DPM that has been issued. The main difference is jsut the way colours are used and the pattern itself.

    Left to right: first 2006 DPM, 2000 DPM, 1999 DPM, 1988 DPM and 1984 DPM
    This gives the comparison of the different colours so forth. the 1984 pattern one was the first issue DPM to NZ forces in bulk compared with the 2006 pattern which the NZ army still uses it has changed alot over time. There is alot more different DPM this is just a small varity to see the difference.
    Note to people late 80s and 90s DPM is easy and cheap to get hold of if anyone is interested.

    Why not heres the new DPM trousers and shirt that arrived finally just need a bigger J-hat and have current NZ army issue kit.

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