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    Mil sim near future


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    Mil sim near future Empty Mil sim near future

    Post  Elle_Brock on Sun May 02, 2010 6:47 am

    Right have been thinking quite a bit recently about it but meh. First off lots of people want it including me but people lack gear, determination and we don't have numbers but I have thought of a idea for the near future when we can do it legally without a marshell.

    Teams would be

    Germans supporting Rebel forces in Kosovo securitly
    Nato (North Atlantic Treaty organisation)


    Germans flecktarn/rebels civilian clothing with bits and pieces of military kit

    Nato DPM, anything American thats it can't wear civilian clothing also black ops does not count for nato at all.

    Guns wise not worried about what team has what main thing is that they have the uniform right since people can't afford to go buy a certian gun for there team so forth makes things so much easier.


    At this stage the idea is there would be like a cetian amount of control points and whoever has the most by end of time wins. Be certian rules to capturing and holding points.

    Respawns would be

    Medics have limited number of bandages but means 1min respawn or if they run out fall back to origonal base for 5min respawn.

    Ammo would be limited about per team would add up to around 1500 rounds per person just depends how the team wants to issue the rounds out. Also there would be a resupply every so often if need be if we choose to include that rule or limited ammo in general.

    A mini version of this can be done at Totora some time accept each game would be like 45min long or so then swap over type thing not a whole day event. Just to see how the general idea goes and if it works type thing.

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