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    marsheling rules?


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    marsheling rules? Empty marsheling rules?

    Post  nz3rdsqr on Thu Oct 07, 2010 1:21 am

    hey here is a quick question for mike or elle what are the requirements to Marshal for games. im 18 but dont have the license can i still marshal?

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    marsheling rules? Empty Re: marsheling rules?

    Post  Elle_Brock on Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:14 am

    Legally at 18 you can marshell but we decieded 20 years or 18 with firearms license. Um can bring up in meeting about younger ones marshelling is something to talk about.
    Heres rest of marshelling stuff.

    New Zealand firearms law makes it an offense for a person without a firearms license and aged under 18 to be in possession of an airgun. The definition of airgun currently encompasses all airsoft ‘BB’ guns. It is an acceptable defense against this law if the person is under the immediate supervision of a firearms license holder, or person aged over 18. Prior to the advent of airsoft and paintball, the definition of ‘immediate supervision’ amounted to that supervisor’s sole attention being focused on that one user, and precluded him/her carrying out any other tasks, especially operating a firearm of their own, or supervising a second user.

    Since the widespread popularity of ‘tag’ like sports such as Airsoft and Paintball this rule HAS NOT CHANGED. Hoever as both as a result of pressure on Police from interest groups, and a court case which concluded that ‘The judgements considered by Walker J, applied the term "immediate supervision" in different ways and gave it different interpretations with references to the circumstances of the case. It was described as meaning; close, proximate and physically present direct (as in no intermediary) but not necessarily constant dependant on the circumstances, must be a person who is 'immediately responsible' and degree of supervision must depend on the nature, difficulty and danger of the task.’ the term immediate supervision has taken on a wider meaning. With this in mind the following must be read and agreed to by ALL players in any ATA airsoft game involving unlicensed or underage persons.
    1. The play area “field” must be clearly defined, with easily identifiable boundaries and appropriate steps taken in regard to any hazards present. The field will be of a style and layout suitable for airsoft and in accordance with standard airsoft practice. All players and marshals will be familiarized with the field, and any hazards, before any games begin.
    2. A Marshal (or marshals) will be appointed as necessary to ensure a good view of the field of play. Marshals will be clearly identified (eg HI-vis vest) and their sole responsibility shall be to observe and monitor the game, in particular the safety of the players. Marshals shall be of minimum 20 years of age, or have held a firearms license for minimum 2 years, and be of suitably responsible character. Marshals shall understand the format and nature of the game being played, and take whatever steps necessary to ensure that safety is maintained at all times, including halting or terminating the game if need be. Key points for marshals to be aware of include:
    a. That players are abiding by the standard safety rules and any rules of the day.
    b. That players are operating airguns in a safe manner
    c. That any player who is hurt, disoriented or misbehaves is immediately identified and the situation resolved, if need be halting the game.
    d. That the presence of any person in the field without eye protection shall cause the immediate halting of the game, until the situation is resolved.
    3. A Marshals’ instructions to any player shall be obeyed immediately and without question. Players who refuse may face immediate expulsion and removal from the game.
    4. Players must not fire upon Marshals, or the area immediately surrounding them, or any player that the marshal deems to be removed from play. Players who do not observe this rule may face immediate expulsion and removal from the game.
    5. Players who are over the age of 18 and/or hold a firearms license
    6. are also required to ensure that unsafe situations are avoided, that proper supervision of underage players be maintained and to support the marshals where necessary, even to the extent of providing supervision if required or directed to do so.

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